Bavarian Dreams

Solo show featuring 50+ new works in enamels and acrylics on glass and plexi, along with vintage photographs sourced from estate sale slides. Inspired by alpine kitsch and my own family tree, creating a revisionist family history built on pop culture touchstones. Here is an excerpt from a little interview about the show:

"This show combines the storybook themes of my past work with a recent obsession; tracing my ancestry back to places like Bavaria, Alsace-Lorraine, the Italian Alps, and Switzerland, an ever-expanding collection of Alpine kitsch and the piecing together of an iconography that creates a visual patchwork of these various elements. In the end, they would combine in this series to create a sort of revisionist genealogical account, recasting my characters into a fantastical world built of half imagined history, half remembered stories, and pop culture touchstones.
My great grandfather carved cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest and built a half-timber house out of adobe as the first Swiss immigrant in what would become downtown Santa Barbara, so that fine line between cultural tradition and the artificiality of the Western world has always been extra fascinating to me.
Residing in Southern California has also been a major influence on the art I've created over the past few years. We must have more Alpine kitsch here than exists anywhere outside of the Alps and I love that you can drive straight from the beach to a (fake) snow-topped chalet in a mini Bavarian village for steaks. I love the fact that Snow White's castle at Disneyland is based on Neuschwanstein, and that Disney set designers would also create livable architecture so immersed in nostalgia for these half-imaginary places that it would, in turn, inspire me to create a body of work even more removed from its historical context but very much embedded in the same tradition of dreamlands and reveries."